Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Online Shopping Trend in Pakistan

E-commerce has been the most convenient way of shopping all around the world for the past two decades and during few years e-commerce in Pakistan has been a major success as well, with more people getting interested in online shopping with so many products and services being available only at one click away, e-commerce industry in Pakistan has flourished massively. 
With this growing trend of online shopping many different payment methods have been introduced as well to meet the increasing need of flexible payment mode, giving motivation to more and more small business models to sell their services online through this new and already flourishing medium that provides 24/7 accessibly to reach out for potential customers that is the reason that we see various e-commerce stores that are solely operating online like,, and many more.

Although there are many similarities between our local e-commerce model and that being followed around the world, but there are some turmoil when it comes to payment through credit card or other electronic money. This was a major setback in early days of online shopping trend in Pakistan but with time payment options like Cash on Delivery (C.O.D) and Easy Paisa were introduced, which has helped e-commerce industry of Pakistan to replace the conventional payment methods.

Online Shopping is a new and quickly growing trend has made different businesses to take interest in this method of promotion as it does not only provides extended reach to new customers but also provide, ease of management with less time consumption and close to no maintenance cost at all.

With Pakistan being a developing country it’s safe to say that there is unlimited potential in online shopping industry to be availed and that being said we sincerely hope that it may go beyond everyone’s expectations.

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